Our hospital system covers everything that you need to run all the operations of your hospital or clinic smoothly and quickly. It has all the features to give the most accurate measure of the performance of the operations  for you. It assures transparency and accountability. With it you can manage day-to-day operations, input / retrieve patient records, manage billing and more.

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Features & Benefits
  • Least manpower requirements
  • Instant information retrieval
  • User friendly, intuitive interface with practically no learning curve.
  • Supports hospital specific rates, and rates for empanelled organizations and TPAs Integrated billing module. Provides single screen for billing all hospital services.
  • Consolidation, generation and tracking of empanelled organization invoices.
  • Integrated Online OPD appointment system & provides integration with SMS.
  • Maintain patient documentation electronically & access from anywhere, anytime online.
  • Bar code interface.
  • Separate panels for users
  • Timely treatment decisions
  • Information sharing between healthcare specialists
  • Allows remote access to all the stake holders including patients
  • Ensures transparency and accountability
  • Customize-able and more